This visual system provides a 240° field of view horizontally when measured from a point between the pilot eye points on the centreline of the simulator horizontally forwards and outwards. Space requirement for such a system installed together with a simulator and its Instructor Operation Station (IOS) is a custom built room measuring 6.3m wide x 6m deep x 3.5m high.

Early systems projected the images on flat screens arranged in such a way to provide the target horizontal field of view. The current generation of visual system utilize 3 projectors, each projecting an image onto a cylindrical screen inside the projection room. The three images are edge blended to form a continuous picture that wraps around the cockpit providing “over the shoulder” visual imagery to the flight crew under training. This makes the training of visual manoeuvres like VFR circuits and circling approaches off a non-precision letdown in IMC possible because the crew have visual imagery up to and including the downwind and base to final turn available.

Direct Projection Cylindrical Screen

The visual system upgrade entails the replacement of the 3- or 5- flat projection screens inside the projection room with one continuous cylindrical projection screen together with the required software implementation to seamlessly wrap and blend the individual images of each projector into one continuous image on the screen. Better visuals quality and continuity with resultant fuller and better crew immersion into the scenario being trained or flown are the biggest advantage of this visual system over the standard flat screen projection system.

Our 240 Degree Cylindrical Visual System

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